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Give your confidence a boost with hair restoration and aesthetic treatments delivered by a qualified doctor

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When you’re unhappy with a part of your appearance, whether it’s a receding hairline, forehead wrinkles or an ageing complexion, it can have a big impact on your confidence.

From avoiding social occasions, to over-scrutinising photographs, disliking what you see in the mirror affects your self-esteem and quality of life.  

Dr Zak Hair Restoration and Aesthetics is a doctor-led clinic based in Wiltshire, UK. We pride ourselves on our high-quality service, medical-grade facilities and expertise in hair restoration and non-surgical aesthetic skin treatments. 

Why trust Dr Zak for your aesthetic treatment?

Natural-looking results provided by a medical professional

Safe, sanitised treatment space and operating theatre 

Real expectations with high-level before and aftercare

Save Face accredited practitioner

About Dr Zak

With 18 year’s experience as a GP, I come to each consultation with a high-level of integrity and strong duty of care, taking a holistic approach to your treatment and using my medical experience to identify any underlying issues, which could have an impact on your results. 

I provide a deeply personal patient experience, my aim is to make you feel comfortable, supported and informed from your first consultation and then throughout your procedure and aftercare. 

I listen to what you want and offer my professional advice, giving you the power and knowledge to feel reassured – I believe that the more confident you are going into the treatment, the happier you’ll be with the results. 

As well as an experienced GP, I also hold qualifications as a Hair Restoration Transplant Doctor and Aesthetic Physician. MBBS MRCGP DPD FRSPH.

I hope to welcome you to our Clinic soon

Dr Zak 

Treatments at the Clinic include hair transplants and PRP therapy, injections for anti-wrinkle and hyperhidrosis, dermal fillers and micro-needling.

Dr Zak will provide a detailed explanation of what your procedure will involve and listen to your wishes and expectations, offering advice to get the best results. This is your chance to ask any questions about your procedure

If you’re a new patient, there will be a 48 hour cooling off period after your consultation. For returning patients, we will carry out the procedure after the consultation. 

Before each treatment you will have the chance to ask questions and Dr Zak will offer post care advice.

The beauty of having your treatment on your doorstep is that Dr Zak is around to provide a high-level of aftercare. Depending on your treatment, this might mean a check-up at the Clinic, or a check in via phone call

“I have already recommended Dr Zak to my friends because I felt so confident in his abilities, as well as the cleanliness of the Clinic and the high-standards of getting a hair transplant done here the UK” Adam T

“I first started seeing Dr Zak over a year ago due to adult acne. My face was terrible. I’d have break out after break out. I felt terrible about my appearance. Dr Zak explained everything that was happening to my skin and why it was happening. He prescribed me medication and creams which totally changed everything. It was a slow process but worked. This was the first time anything has ever worked. I took pictures of my skin every week so I could see the difference and oh my goodness the difference was just amazing even after a few weeks. I’m currently going through the process of having the skinpen procedure. Microneedling to clear the scars and rosacea I have on my cheeks. I’ve had my first session and all went very well. I was unsure what to expect but Dr Zak put my mind very much at ease, the procedure was painless, and very relaxing. I experienced redness after, only for a day and slightly sensitive to touch. I have noticed a small difference even after 1 procedure. 2 more to go and I’m very excited for the result. Dr Zak is a very professional and caring Dr. Highly recommend.”

Our treatments
We’re here for you from beginning to end of your treatment and beyond, with a service that makes you feel reassured and aesthetic procedures that boost your confidence and self esteem.