Anti-wrinkle treatment

Anti-wrinkle Treatments For Fine Lines, Wrinkles And Anti-Ageing

Anti-wrinkle treatments work by injecting the toxin directly into the affected area of the face or body, causing it to block the chemical message from the nerve to the muscle, meaning the muscle stays in a relaxed state for a period of around 6-12 weeks.  

Dr Zak is a trained GP and accredited by Save Face, with extensive experience in skin conditions, as well as the adequate training to react if an allergic reaction or adverse side-effect should occur.

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Conditions we can treat with anti-wrinkle injections

Frown or smile lines including 11’s (vertical lines between the eyebrows) 

Forehead wrinkles

Crow’s feet (outer corners of the eyes)

Drooping brows or heavy eyelids 

Drooping smile

Smoker’s lines

Before every treatment you will have a face-to-face consultation with Dr Zak to discuss outcomes and options. 

”When I started nitpicking at photos, I knew I wanted to get the lines on my forehead treated. I wanted to go to a medical professional as aesthetic anti-wrinkle  treatments are still unregulated

I was so happy with the results and level of service with Dr Zak, I trusted his advice and will be going back”
Emily T

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Timeline

Procedure time

30 - 60 minutes. including a quick examination, explanation about the product and procedure, time for questions and post procedure advice.

Back to work


Avoid exercise 

4-6 hours

Make-up free

12 hours

See results within

2-3 days

Post treatment check up

After 2 weeks (via phone unless face-to-face is required)

Results last

3-4 months  

Treatment frequency 

4-6 months


The treatment is generally described as uncomfortable rather than painful, however different people and areas of the face are more sensitive.

You can request an anaesthetic cream at the consultation if you wish, which can be applied 15 minutes before your treatment.

You will start seeing results within 2-3 days, with optimum results reached within 3 weeks. 

This will last for varying amounts of time, depending on how quickly your body metabolises the toxins, but generally the effects can be noticed for about 8 weeks.

To reduce the risk of complications it is advised that anti-wrinkle injectables are administered by a highly qualified practitioner, such as Dr Zak,  in a safe and medical environment.

Some clients may report bruising or ‘droopy eyelid’ however neither are permanent and can mainly be avoided if the procedure is conducted by a qualified clinician.

We offer facial aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and Skin Rejuvenation (micro needling) at the clinic. You can enquire about the other treatments available to you at your consultation, or call us here.