Hair Restoration

Doctor-led Hair Restoration Treatments

Why risk travelling abroad when you can have safe, high-quality treatments carried out by a qualified doctor, right on your doorstep?

Maybe work colleagues, your partner, or friends have made comments about your thinning hair. Or perhaps comparing your hairline to photos taken 5 years ago is knocking your confidence. Or you’ve seen great results from others who have had a hair transplant.

Whatever your reason for researching hair transplants and restoration treatments such as PRP therapy, the internet (and your friends) can be a minefield of mis-information, over-promises and scare-stories.

Step away from Google, Dr Zak provides a safe environment to get optimum results for fuller, thicker hair and an even and natural-looking hairline. 

Why choose Dr Zak for your hair transplant? 

No need for the admin, uncertainty and life upheaval of travelling abroad

Trust the results, with treatments carried out by a medical professional

Hair Restoration Treatments

Not sure what you need? Book a consultation and Dr Zak can talk you through all your options.


What to expect before, during and after your hair transplant

During consultation Dr Zak will take a detailed history and ask for recent blood tests, either to be done by your own GP, or he can arrange this for you. Ideally the blood tests will take place 2-3 weeks before your procedure.

Factors such as your age, scarring and the strength of your ‘donor area’ will affect the results and Dr Zak will always take these into account before carrying out the procedure. 

Dr Zak will examine your head and hairline and give you his honest opinion on what to expect. This is your chance to ask questions and ensure you feel completely comfortable and reassured in your decision. 

If you are unsuitable for a hair transplant, Dr Zak will recommend alternative treatments such as PRP therapy.

Your hair treatment will not take place on the same day as your consultation, as you need time to think about if this is right for you and plan when is the best time to have the procedure done. 

Your hair transplant will be carried out by Dr Zak, a trained doctor with extensive experience in this field along with his expert team. On the day of your procedure you will be looked after with the highest-quality patient care in a state of the art, sterile and regulated clinic.

After a hair transplant some downtime is required (around 48 hours) and it’s important that you attend check-ups at the clinic to reduce the risk of infection. 

This level of post-operative is impossible for treatments carried out abroad and Dr Zak has an open line of communication for you to ask any questions in the days, weeks and months after your treatment. 

“Dr Zak took the time to understand what I wanted and it felt personal.”
Adam T